Chiajna is a commune in the south-west of Ilfov County, Romania, immediately west of the capital, Bucharest


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In one version Chiajna was named after the wife of Cernica Stirbey, a Wallachian vornic who owned the area where people from Cernavoda settled and founded the village.

Another story says that Lady Chiajna(ca. 1525–1588, Constantinople) was the daughter of Petru Rares, the voievod of Moldavia, an illegitimate child of Stefan cel Mare. Lady Chiajna was the wife of Wallachian prince Mircea V Ciobanul. In the Romanian literature, she is a famous and frightening female character, similarly to Lady Macbeth.


The mayor of Chiajna is Mircea Minea (ALDE).


The commune contains Lady Chiajna High School (Grupul Scolar Doamna Chiajna), with the following specializations: Promotional Design, Football, Yachting, Wrestling, Boxing, and Public Alimentation

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LAST important news – TARICEANU.s visit in CHIAJNA
Headline: Working visit to Chiajna commune, Ilfov County

Any decision on the metropolitan area expansion will be taken after consulting the inhabitants of Bucharest and of the localities neighboring the capital, Prime Minister has stated within the meeting with Chiajna commune inhabitants.

“A community mentality needs to be built. The community needs to put forward proposals and suggestions and to be consulted in social projects” the Head of the Executive has stated. For instance, he has mentioned the achievement of a school profile, project which should be carried out further to consulting the parents with respect with jobs sought on the labor market.

The Government – citizens dialogue should be permanently achieved, Prime Minister has stated. “I want to know your future plans, desires and what you think it should be done and your expectations from the Government”, Prime Minister has told Chiajna commune inhabitants. He has added that the Government is preoccupied with boosting the quality of the citizens’ daily life. “Once the EU accession accomplished, Romanians has growing hopes that their life will be better tomorrow. It is a grounded hope, there are great expectations. I want us to fulfill these hopes. Therefore, I consider that the dialogue with the citizens is absolutely essential”.

Prime Minister has appreciated the investments achieved in Chiajna and congratulated the inhabitants on the two objectives – “Doamna Chiajna” Arts and professions school group and the sportive complex which he visited during the morning. “There are two objectives which pleasantly impressed me and you can be proud of”, Prime Minister has stated. Also, the Head of the Executive  asked whether there are banking services in Chiajna and public transport means to Bucharest. The mayor of Chiajna, Mr. Mircea Minea has stated that there are both public and private transport means in the commune.

Government of Romania – Press office – 17.04.2007